Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Deladon Rex, Ruler of the Insane Period

I have things to say.

I have, well, SO MANY things to say.

I am rapidly reaching the point where my tried-and-true, taught method of Listen, Acknowledge, Try To Make Aware is becoming...


Just, NO.


I am liberal.

Shocker to NO ONE who knows me, and yet saying it feels like a declaration of war.

The world, right now, is quivering in anticipation of the next blow against the fragile global unity that HAD existed.

The United States is being systematically divided by a man who was bought, and is currently owned, by Russia. His rank stupidity may or may not be a ploy; either way, he is the single instrument that (thus far) is bringing down democracy in the West. Bought, or not, he is sowing chaos, destruction, and discord.

I honestly think he is stupid enough that he doesn't believe that he was purchased by Putin; I sincerely believe he is so egotistical, so megalomaniacal, that his sole motivation (since he can't pass policy that gives him accolades) is to break the entire United States.

Because after he does, we pick up the pieces. And EVERYTHING is defined as "before" and "after" Trump.

What more could he want?

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