Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fun and falling at Red Butte Gardens

Last Month Delanie and I were in Salt Lake for my sister's wedding and Del learned that for all the years I lived in the city I never visited Red Butte Gardens. Last full day we were in town the weather was amazing so the two of us drove up there and mirth and pretty stuff ensued.

First part of the garden we visited was the herb garden. It was stunning and much to someone's joy all the flowers seemed to be in purple hues:

It's so PURPLE!
Though Delanie was not the only thing there excited about the purple flowers.
I was more excited about the red flowers:
It's almost a Venetian Red

It was such a special experience to share an amazingly beautiful setting with the woman I love. It really made for a perfect evening.

Though the moose made it even more perfect

We went though so many gardens. Hummingbirds were buzzing in and out in many of them and the rose garden was especially beautiful. It was capped off with the children's garden which is really just a fantastic little wonderland.
Scary Snakes
Birthday Cakes

(in the interests of full disclosure I lost my balance about 3 seconds after the picture was taken and slid off the statue and tumbled down the hill.....I think Delanie is still laughing. I feel in time, I will laugh as well)

A great time was had by both of us and we can't wait to go back be it with nieces and nephews or for a concert. I'm so thankful that Delanie insisted we go, she does know me pretty well!


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