Sunday, January 29, 2012

Well met, Comrades

I've had boyfriends before, but never one who understood how important food is to me. It has been suggested that I could eat out for every meal--and at decent restaurants, not just fast-food drive-thrus--for far cheaper than I budget for groceries. One boyfriend I had refused to buy yogurt unless it was on sale three-for-a-dollar. Nevermind that it was a store or off brand and not the good stuff...I still refused to spend my life with a man who buys food according to what it costs, not how it tastes. I knew that this boyfriend and I were truly on the downhill slope when he confessed that he found eating to be an annoyance. “It’s such a waste of time,” he said. “Don’t you just wish you could take a pill or something and never have to eat?”
“No,” I said around a mouthful of huckleberry shortcake. “Does that mean I can have the rest of your turtle pie?”
“Sure,” he said, and the relationship was doomed. It would be one thing if he gave it to me because he loved me, but he gave it to me because he didn’t care about eating it.

For me, love and food go hand-in-hand, or hand in mouth possibly, and the best boyfriends are the ones who understand the Relationship Pie Chart (hereinafter "RPC") and how for me it’s 92% food, 58% sex, 92% love, and 77% havin’-a-laugh. Those boyfriends will also not point out that according to that ratio, my relationship pie chart has 319% in it. I got into theater for a REASON, people, and it was not owing to my math skillz.

Enter Jed I., and finally Darth Del found that soul mate who embodies all four of the important parts of the RPC. Bonus Points: He's a sous chef.

More bonus points: He's not a boyfriend anymore.

He's gonna marry me.

I WIN!!!!!

So down to blog purposes; I tried to come up with a catchy one-word mashing of it but could only think Blurpose, which is either something you inadvertently do after eating a lot of fried foods and cabbage, or is a crafty sea mammal bent on obfuscation. Possibly both. Regardless, this is a place where we can share our food rhapsodizing, our recipes, our culinary adventures, and conversational amuse-bouche.

There may also be a good deal of ranting.

There will definitely be posting on food, love, and havin' a laugh; not necessarily in that order.

--del rex

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